JJSin Testimonials


"Thank you for the great experience! It was a hell of a ride from the start till here. I enjoyed it so much, the story of course, the comments, discussions, jokes, threats (🤣), everything with all of you and the readers."

- ChristinaM

"This is called a ‘Grand Finale’. My favourite author in the whole universe never disappoints. One journey ends here. Waiting for the next one to begin. Dear author, thank you for writing this amazing story. I have to disagree on one thing though. Science doesn’t suck. Besides, everyone starting from Newton to Fermy and Darwin to de Barry applaud you for sending us back to our science lessons. Thank you for writing"

- c_m

"I was tearing up coz of the agony I felt through the chapter until the last few lines.. Wow!! so much emotions!  Thanks for such a wonderful chapter author... ❤"

- Jipoo

We Take Our Vows Seriously

"Well done dear Author...Thank you so much for this Amazing story, I am utterly happy  having the privilege to enjoy reading  and I loved it... Chapeau"

- em-em69

"I congratulate you, my dear author! Another gorgeous diamond in your beautiful creative collection! Very impressive plot, with deep meaning and excellent performance! Your creativity is an extraordinary pleasure. I am glad to be able to read your heartfelt stories and feel the characters. Thank you very much!"

- samira

"I loved this story... Even though it has ended, I’d be rooting for Lan Zhan and Wei Ying to continue their live filled with love and happiness beyond the written words. Thank you for sharing this journey with us."
"I have no words to express my love for your novels, just wow... beautiful"

- JonnyBee

Long After you Left Me

"...really love your stories for many reasons.. but the most important reason is that in your stories, Yibo and Zhan, or Lan Zhan and Wei Ying always remain loyal to each other and steadfast in their relationship.. and the care they have for each other is genuine and selfless. I’m so happy to find the author who builds this kind of righteous world for the two characters that I care a lot about in the fictional world. It’s a rare find indeed. So.. thank you. ❤️"

- _simp1R

"Wow..! This is lovely! You wrote it so well! I want to say this book is the best so far I read in wattpad! Thank you so much author!"

- CrysWei

"I cannot tell how much I loved this book. I finished reading it in one day, wow! Thank you author, you're really a great writer. I wish to read more writings from you in the future♡. A beautiful love story! Sensual and emotional! Very harmonious and eventful. I'm so glad I was here! With all my heart loved the main characters, they wonderfully spelled out images and storylines. I'm ecstatic! Thank you, my dear author, your work is perfect as a pearl! 💖💖💖"

- samira

"Such an amazing story. Hurt like hell at points but that just a kuddo to your excellent writing. ❤💚💛"

Phoenix and Pegasus

"Omg...this is so damn good. I love it so much.... i love all your fics. Thanks for this beautifully written fics..."
"An excellent creation, full of emotions, bright feelings and beauty! Ah, author, your outstanding talent conquers from the first words, as always. The artist creates a picture with colors, and you skillfully draw it with words and images. It turns out a real masterpiece. All your wonderful stories are full of morality and love, for which I love them very much. Thank you so much, my dear! 💖💖💖"
"Beautifully done dear Author...You made my day and melt my heart, upon reading the lines I am wondering where you get your inspiration to write such Amazing story although it is only short one, but for me it is really great to feel the emotions and the depths of the storylines...I love it...hope to read more from your brilliant works. Merci ❤💚"
"Love the premise of patron XZ and artist YB! The way you write the story and introduce the world/regime and side characters are all so fluid and written so well!You managed to capture both the smouldering hot sexual tension and also the growing warmth and emotions so well! Thank you for writing this story! And I would love to read more stories if you decide to continue writing this AU! <3"

For You, Anything

"Oh, my God... it's a great story! This is a masterpiece! One of the rare gems in my collection of cool books! I am emotionally drained, having experienced incredible sensations... Author, your talent is impressive, you captured my attention and immersed me in the story as in reality. I wept and suffered with the heroes, died with them, and was reborn from their tender love. You have great power over the minds and feelings of readers and I was happy to become a slave and give you my will. Thank you so much for the opportunity to touch your creativity, I really appreciate your efforts and talent! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ♥ ♥ ♥"
"i love how well written this fic is and i always admire the character development of all the characters here. thank you for spending so much effort and time in doing this."

Remember When

"Great story! I really liked the story and the emotionality of the characters. Very realistic and sensual! Author, you have a wonderful writing style"
"This is one of the best stories I've ever read about XZ and WY! Thank you so much! The plot, the dialogues, the style, everything was perfect! Looking forward for more stories from you!"

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