Writer's Block - What, when and why?

Writer's Block - What, when and why?

Warm drink? Check✓. Light snacks? Check✓. Noise cancelling earphones? Check✓. All good to go. Firing up the laptop/computer and ready to write. Fingers hovered over the keys, eager to type out every enthralling sentence so readers can enjoy. But then.... nothing.

Ugh.. Writer's block. When the pipeline of creative flow is narrowed or clogged and no amount of vinegar (or wine) is able to break open that pathway. There can be many factors that cause writer's block. Pressure, exhaustion, perfectionism or even just a lack of inspiration are some of the factors that can strike at any time.

What is one to do when this happens? Here are some key things you can try to rid yourself of writer's block.

  1. Journal - Keeping a journal of the things you see around you may help you find a source of inspiration. It also keeps you in the habit of writing.
  2. Find another way to express your creativity - maybe through art or music. A different outlet might just help spark those creative writing chops.
  3. Read. Even if it doesn't help, immersing yourself in another author's world of creativity is a wonderful feeling.
  4. Rest. Perhaps your brain is fatigued and you need a little time to recover. Set a few days aside and take a break. Maybe set a timeline to make sure you don't go too long before attempting to write again.
  5. For some, listening to music helps. Some of us just obsess about a song and we stick to it like a lifeline until we can write again.

Let us know if you've ever experienced writer's block and what you did to overcome it.

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