Synergism: Origin Story

Fan Questions: How did you come up with the story and title for Synergism? What was the inspiration?

[Please note this blog post has spoilers!]

The story idea came about when I was pondering whether a person would be selfless enough to help another even if it brought harm to them. From the onset I always knew the main character would have healing powers, but I needed to figure out the 'why' and 'what' of the whole story.

Believe it or not, the whole science and energy aspect originated from something I experienced when I was younger. There were often times that a streetlight would blink out on the street while I was walking past. I never forgot the thrill and fear each time it happened. Growing up there was no internet to Google strange occurrences, so being young and over imaginative, I pretended it was because I could control the lights.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

Funny enough, while brainstorming this story and doing some research, I found that there is an actual phenomenon called Street Light Interference Syndrome, where individuals claim lights turn off when they go near them. There is currently no explanation for why it happens.

So I guess you can say I combined my idea of healing powers with some science to come up with my own explanation. With Synergism, I wanted to create a story where the hero is not invincible right from the onset, that through love and friendship he is able to grow and discover himself. I also wanted to show the importance of having an ecosystem of support - and how we can be so much more if we combine our efforts – which led me to the title, 'Synergism'.

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